Meet the Designer

I have been a part of the crafting community for over six years. I enjoy mixing my love of colors, patterns, and techniques into the cards and pocket scrapbooking pages I create. Creating in many ways is an exercise in letting go and opening myself up to the possibilities of what can be. Exploring my world through multiple mediums allows for organic creativity and a bit of paper magic.

I am most comfortable working behind the scenes with a camera covering half of my face. There is something magical that happens when you see the world through a camera lens. Some of my most cherished moments are of my boys enjoying the simple bits of life. I capture those moments to share with my spouse whose work takes him away for a time.

When I am not in my studio, you will find me doing my mommy thing and volunteering within our community. For me, life is meant to be lived in color and appreciated for the splendid wonder and gift that it is from our Heavenly Father.

Happy Crafting and Blessings